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Customer Support for language services
13. 01. 22
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Modlingua takes special care of the specific needs of its esteemed clients. In line with the leading translation quality standard guidelines, we have inculcated the Plan-Do-Check-Act (also called “PDCA”) model for quality improvement that is sustained, rather than just a one-time quick fix. This helps us in continual improvement of our Total Quality Management System.  


At Modlingua, we regularly ask for customer feedback upon completion of a project. Our Project Managers study and analyze the feedback received and incorporate the required changes while making required notes at their end for possible future references. Such practices allow us to continually improve upon our service quality and enable customization of services as per the requirements of the project or the client. 

While working on a project, our team is trained to take into account several client-specific requirements pertaining to purpose of the translation, time at hand, paying comfort and other terms and conditions. 

We value and respect the trust placed in us by our esteemed clients. As a matter of fact, we also expect the same from our valuable resource base. Thus, it is our practice to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with our clients as well as our language professionals. 

We take special care to address any specific requests by the clients related to time or providing support after completion of a project and at the same time, we also take care of any quality issues raised by the client on top priority basis. Our terms of services give an assurance of maintaining quality of the work at no additional costs. However, it is responsibility of the client to make such requests within 15 days from the date of delivery of the project. 

This policy has helped our clients as well as our Project Managers in avoiding a mismatch of expectations and services. That is the reason why in 99.99% cases, our clients have lauded us for our quick turnaround time and smooth project deliveries. 

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