Summer Internship Report by By Valentina Macías Isaza

17. 10. 03
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By Valentina Macías Isaza

About the Program

The summer internship for translators at Modlingua 20017 had a duration of three months, from June to August. An online stage (GoToMeeting) to keep us in contact with our mentor, Mr. Ravi Kumar and through which he explained and shared ideas, articles and debates on translation and the world of linguistics by creating a group on Facebook to enrich us all. A board to set assignments and deadlines and a work platform that would gather round professionals and students in translation from all nationalities and ethnicities to potentially impact more people at once. So, the program was an online course of regular meetings and weekly assignments and sometimes videos and tutorials to guide us throughout the process: a channel of communication through the site so that the information was accessible to all.

The first assignment was to create a profile at Modlingua as a form of curriculum vitae and letter of presentation which included personal and professional information, and current occupation with a photo attached. Alongside we chose from a pool of subjects, four topics we liked to focus our work while the duration of the internship, for what I chose to go along the line of Entrepreneurship, Computer Assisted Tools (CAT Tools), Blogging, and Content Writing & Citizen Journalism. Through this program, we had the opportunity to create and be part of an international community of translators that despite the distance shared our knowledge and dedication toward the profession.

For the second task, a meeting was held in which we was requested to compose a short article about team work and collaborative work through the interpretation of pictures; one of wolves, the other of ants in their natural environment, I observed and wrote about team work with the picture of the wolf pack.

For the third task, we had another internet meeting about Google Web crawler, connection between Content composition, Web based Promoting and interpretation, Globalization, Confinement, Internationalization, and Interpretation of Substance.

In the task four, we had a meeting, an address with Prof. Ioanna about business enterprise and individual marking for interpreters; we have likewise observed contrasts between in-house interpreters and specialists. At this point, we had to work on the perceivability of the dialect proficient in the public, take a look on how to pick up customers, exchange alternatives for dialect experts, and relate this idea of energy relations in the public arena and position of an interpreter.

For fifth assignment, there was a meeting about Quality Norms and its association with interpretation benefits, the advancement of different quality principles in the process of interpretation all around the globe, the equivalent parts of phonetics and non-semantics viewpoints in interpretation and the quality measures work in this adjust.

For the 6th task, we had a meeting about Venture Administration; how it enhances quality and builds on proficiency in any working environment, the connection of undertaking administration and interpretation administration, the part of sanction and documentation in venture administration.

About Expectations

My personal expectations circled around the program’s nature. The fact that it was all virtual called on my attention and thought me about of organization, interaction with other individuals and being guided by somebody who comprehends the profession and has far more experience in it than me.

I found the assignments truly intriguing. I was delighted when creating writings for the blog and sharing data with companions and individuals from the area of translation and interpretation. I could perceive how it flows outside the classroom. This contact with experts make us experts too. My expectations were met and even more.

Individual Assessment

This summer program was an extremely illuminating experience; we could explore and learn from others as well as our own capacities and interests. Thus, extending our points of view about the interpretation business and every one of the potential outcomes we, as dialect experts, have on the business. It additionally prepared us on the most proficient method to build up our relational abilities with individuals of higher rank inside the business and how to treat and acquire new customers as well as exploring the virtual aspects of our days.

We lack having a subject about our profession’s market and the choices we have as translators and interpreters during my undergraduate. This has been fruitful and an awesome experience, very significant to my self-improvement and professional growth. I’m forever grateful.

Not everything was perfect though, I had some issues trying to keep up with the meetings and deadlines since I was in Colombia for most of the time of the internship and the hour difference made it complicated to assist to all of them and for as long as they lasted. Sometimes it was too early or just in the middle of my traveling. Nevertheless, I tried to keep track of other interns’ writings and the YouTube Channel for any updates.

About the Learning Methodology

Through some applications and web-based social networking such as GoToMeeting, YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp, the program functioned admirably among its nearby and worldwide understudies. Mr. Ravi Kumar had clarified the assignments all around ok through video meeting and arranged a few appropriate stages for us to talk about them. There was criticism given to guarantee astounding outcomes. These criticisms likewise helped us to screen our advances as days progressed.  

Learning Result

I figured out how to invest additional time to meet the due date particularly when the workload had been vast. What's more, I was doing my work from another continent and different time zone. I was pushed to work harder and make compromises to keep up, somethings it worked against me, but I survived. I learned how to organize my function all through the weeks. The holes between one task and another task in some cases made me foolhardy about dealing with my chances.  

It was good to have the virtual channel so that one could access the material anytime needed as well as the Facebook page for other information and even reminders or scheduling sessions. Tolerance is additionally cultivated while doing this temporary job. Amid the meeting, the web association can turn sour or somebody is intruding on the virtual meeting. This has influenced the meeting in a way that we need to sit tight for some time for the meeting to continue regularly. The workplace is additionally extraordinary because we are doing everything for all intents and purposes. This empowered me to be adaptable and be creative particularly when I expected to interface with the Web.

About Modlingua

Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd. is an organization situated in Delhi, India. It is affirmed to decipher and translate records and content to meet the customer needs. In 2017, it has taken 250 interns to hold a Summer Internship program in translation.


To summarize, I can say that this Summer Internship Program is a perfect gadget to revive the know-how of a translator; the colleagues could get to know and experience with other points of view, see the nonetymological sides. The message is clear: translation is altogether a greater amount of etymological learning, at any rate, in the present-day world. We translators must consider our instructing as to be regarded with comparative criteria used as a piece of association since our days are progressively complex and that we are the mediators who work within the vast arena of communication by filling the gaps of many languages by connecting them all. This program is a decent open door for any individual who is keen on working with dialect and associating internationally. Despite that there is a dependably, an opportunity to get better for all whether the program is altogether clarified first and foremost or some motivator might be given upon every task finished to persuade the assistants to work harder, particularly when working around a web based place. We all must be mindful about our administration of time and availability with a specific end goal to demonstrate our dedication toward the initiative. 

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