Ankit Punia

Ankit PuniaAs an undergraduate student, Second Year - BA (Honors) in Italian language from Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi, Ankit Punia has also undertaken short term certificate course in Travel & Tourism management that has helped him gain solid ground in application of Italian language in Travel and Tourism Industry. In addition, Ankit has developed strong written as well as oral skills in English and Hindi that makes him a potential candidate for an environment where trilingual candidates are preferred.

As a foreign language student Ankit focuses more on developing his language and inter-cultural skills in Italian for which he has developed strong liking and feels attached not only to Italian language but also to its culture, history, economy and people. He regularly practices the spoken as well as written languages and works hard to gain more insight into linguistic concepts that would help in making solid foundations in Italian and its application in Translation, Interpretation, language teaching and similar activities related to his chosen languages and subject areas of specialization which will be decided in due course.

In addition to his language skills mentioned above, Ankit is hard working and a quick learner. He adapts himself to a new environment with an ease and his positive attitude makes him more stronger in a competitive environment. he is always ready to take challenges at work. His schooling also has helped him in developing sportsmanship. During his school he actively participated in sports activities and represented his school at district as well as state level.



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